I wrote this poem.. or these few stanzas when i was in grade-6 um i might be 11 then, well i am 15 now so it’s been really long..
Well this is what i feel most.. 
and i am sharing it here :)

Freedom, freedom, freedom..
Fed-up by thinking this..
When will i have my freedom?
I’m thinking about this.

My life is like a cage.
And i am a bird inside
thinking about the time
when i’ll go out and enjoy

I want to fly high
In the bright sky
Like all those independent birds
Who sing and enjoy with freedom!

Sometimes i think..
For that Calm Wind
which Flows from here to there
Without any fear..

My life and my house
Are the places from where
i want to go out
and i wish to have freedom

i want to spend my life
with fun and joy
without any care
free from all fears

I’m sitting and crying
for my whole life
i want to be independent
with freedom in my hands 

Freedom, freedom, freedom
fed up by thinking this
when will i have my freedom
i’m thinking about this.. :’)

- i hope u would like this :)